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Free Wallpapers for mobile phones - Mobile Phone Wallpapers

Here you can find more than 12000 FREE wallpapers for your mobile phone or cell phone. Free Wallpapers are categorized to easily find which wallpaper you want. If you don't know which wallpaper size is for your phone please look at our wallpaper compatibility list.  We have free wallpapers for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, Motorola, Benq, Nec and much more. Enjoy!


Free Wallpapers by size

Free Wallpapers by size

128x128 128x160
174x132 176x144



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Mobile Phones which support 128x128 pixel wallpapers

Motorola C650 Nokia 6220 Panasonic X400 Samsung SGH-X120
Motorola V180 Nokia 6230 Panasonic X500 Samsung SGH-X600
Motorola V186 Nokia 6610 Panasonic X66 Samsung T500
Motorola V188 Nokia 6610i Panasonic X68 Samsung T700
Motorola V220 Nokia 6800 Panasonic X77 Samsung X140
Motorola V290 Nokia 6810 Philips 355 Samsung X430
Motorola V291 Nokia 6820 Philips 530 Samsung X610
Motorola V295 Nokia 6822 Philips 535 Siemens AX75
Nokia 3100 Nokia 7210 Philips 630 Siemens C62
Nokia 3200 Nokia 7250 Philips 636 Sony Ericsson J200i
Nokia 3220 Nokia 7250i Philips 639 Sony Ericsson J200i
Nokia 3300 Nokia 7260 Samsung C110 Sony Ericsson J300
Nokia 5100 Panasonic A200 Samsung C110 Sony Ericsson K300
Nokia 5140 Panasonic A210 Samsung E410 Sony Ericsson T606
Nokia 5140i Panasonic A500 Samsung E500 Sony Ericsson T608
Nokia 6020 Panasonic G60 Samsung SGH-C100 Sony Ericsson Z200
Nokia 6021 Panasonic SC3 Samsung SGH-E600 Sony Ericsson Z208
Nokia 6030 Panasonic X200 Samsung SGH-S300  
Nokia 6100 Panasonic X300 Samsung SGH-X100  


Mobile Phones which support 128x160 pixel wallpapers

Motorola A668 Philips 755 Samsung SGH-E315 Siemens CL55
Motorola E365 Philips 759 Samsung SGH-E317 Siemens CL75
Motorola V176 Philips 760 Samsung SGH-P510 Siemens SF65
Motorola V235 Philips 855 Samsung SGH-S100 Sony Ericsson F500i
Motorola V270 Philips 859 Samsung SGH-T100 Sony Ericsson K500c
Motorola V280 Samsung D100 Samsung SGH-X400 Sony Ericsson K500i
Motorola V690 Samsung D428 Samsung SGH-X450 Sony Ericsson K508i
Motorola V872 Samsung E100 Samsung SGH-X460 Sony Ericsson T608
Motorola V878 Samsung E105 Samsung T200 Sony Ericsson T616
Nokia 6060 Samsung E300 Samsung V200 Sony Ericsson T618
Nokia 6101 Samsung E310 Samsung X400 Sony Ericsson T628
Nokia 6111 Samsung E340 Samsung X410 Sony Ericsson T630
Nokia 7270 Samsung E350 Samsung X480 Sony Ericsson T637
Nokia 7600 Samsung E630 Samsung X640 Sony Ericsson Z500a
Philips 550 Samsung E715 Samsung X800 Sony Ericsson Z500i
Philips 568 Samsung E810 Samsung X910 Sony Ericsson Z520
Philips 650 Samsung E850 Samsung Z100 Sony Ericsson Z600
Philips 655 Samsung P100 Siemens CF75 Sony Ericsson Z608
Philips 659 Samsung P500 Siemens CFX65  


Mobile Phones which support 174x132 pixel wallpapers

Nokia 3650 Panasonic GD87 Samsung D720 Siemens CXT65
Nokia 3680 Panasonic P341i Samsung D730 Siemens M75
Nokia 6600 Panasonic X11 Siemens C75 Siemens S65
Nokia 6681 Panasonic X70 Siemens CX65 Siemens S75
Nokia 7610 Panasonic X700 Siemens CX65 Siemens SK65
Nokia 7650 Panasonic X88 Siemens CX70 Siemens SL75
Nokia N70 Samsung D510 Siemens CX75 Siemens SP65
Nokia N91 Samsung D710 Siemens CXT65 Sony Ericsson Z1010


Mobile Phones which support 176x220 pixel wallpapers

Motorola A630 Motorola V501 Samsung D510 Samsung Z500
Motorola A830 Motorola V525 Samsung E530 Siemens SX1
Motorola A840 Motorola V535 Samsung E610 Siemens U10
Motorola A845 Motorola V547 Samsung E620 Siemens U15
Motorola C975 Motorola V555 Samsung E640 Sony Ericsson D750
Motorola C980 Motorola V557 Samsung E720 Sony Ericsson K600i
Motorola E375 Motorola V6 Samsung E730 Sony Ericsson K700c
Motorola E378i Motorola V600 Samsung E750 Sony Ericsson K700i
Motorola E398 Motorola V620 Samsung i250 Sony Ericsson K750
Motorola MPX100 Motorola V635 Samsung P705 Sony Ericsson S600
Motorola MPX200 Motorola V8 Samsung P710 Sony Ericsson V600
Motorola RAZR V3 Motorola V80 Samsung P730 Sony Ericsson V800i
Motorola V1050 Motorola V975 Samsung P850 Sony Ericsson W600
Motorola V300 Motorola V980 Samsung SGH-D410 Sony Ericsson W800
Motorola V303 Panasonic X800 Samsung SGH-D500 Sony Ericsson Z800i
Motorola V360 Panasonic Z800 Samsung X900  
Motorola V400 Samsung D410 Samsung Z130  
Motorola V400 Samsung D428 Samsung Z300  



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